Local Pasture Raised, Organic, Cornish Cross Whole Chicken


Local Pasture Raised Cornish Cross Chicken

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    Our local pasture raised Cornish cross chickens weigh approximately 3-4 lbs. Our chickens are raised for Florida Fields to Forks outside on grass their entire life.  Organic feed with no antibiotics, no hormones, no growth supplements, and no saline solution to plump them up like commercial chickens.  Our whole fryers are fed NON-GMO Project Verified and DNA tested organic feed. They are processed at the farm where they are raised with a USDA 20K bird exemption, which means they never have to go into a processing plant.  There is nothing like the delicious taste of flavorful, moist, pasture raised chicken that so many have never had the opportunity to experience. We always recommend using a meat thermometer when cooking poultry. Cook the chicken to 160-165 degrees and then let rest. Make sure you do not overcook. Weight of chicken will not be exact.