Our local farm fresh feast will feature a pig roast, with one of our pasture raised Berkshire pigs, hamburgers made with our dry aged grass-fed/grass-finished Angusburger, and wonderful sides, using local organically grown veggies, prepared by Chef Dennis, at D.I.G. Bistro and Chef Tilly, at Nomad Cafe.

We will also feature two salads, one made with local organically grown greens, adorned with Chef Borton’s, Yellow Dog Cafe, variety of homemade salad dressings, and the other, the Chart House’s famous Cesar salad bar.

Wine, beer and soft drinks are included, and Dawn Futch, owner of Creative Cakes and Candies local bakery, will finish off our feast with a beautiful cake to celebrate the third birthday of Florida Fields to Forks.

All tickets will be sold in advance, no ticket sales the day of the event. Everyone should bring their receipt to the event.